The World Canine Freestyle Organization©


  1. WCFO, INC© is a 501(c)(3) public charity, the only organization to achieve this status in the world of dog/people sports.
  2. WCFO, INC is global and has members and clubs in 17 countries
  3. Dues as a member of WCFO, INC are fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution
  4. Any item you buy from WCFO, INC has a portion of its cost as a tax deductible contribution
  5. Not one member of the WCFO, INC Executive or Executive Advisory Board has ever received one penny in salary.
  6. WCFO, INC was founded in March 2000 by an Executive Board that, to date, has donated over $1,000,000 in personal money and time to make it exist and continue to exist.
  7. WCFO, INC relies on support, without any recompense, from its Executive Advisory Board, its Executive Judges Board, Membership Board, Video Production Team, Club Presidents Groups and its Executive Club Board. No salaries have been paid to any of the over 60 people who contribute their time and money to these boards.
  8. WCFO, INC tax returns are published on line and via snail mail by the Internal Revenue Service for any interested party to review.
  9. WCFO, INC respects and pays for all national and international copyrights of creative authors and holds music licenses for all its events with BMI and ASCAP, where the host association does not hold such licenses.
  10. WCFO, INC executives and members donate their time and expenses to do demos for donations to the organization.
  11. Portions of all video, book, clicker, shirts/bags and any other sales items at WCFO, INC are tax deductible under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service.
  12. WCFO, INC executives donate their time to help new clubs with workshops, events and information at no cost.
  13. WCFO, INC fosters the sharing and bonding, without any incident, between dogs and their owners, with each other member, with each other club and with the parent organization.
  14. WCFO, INC does not participate in any political, personal or any prejudice whether to dog breed or person heritage, worldwide.
  15. WCFO, INC is supported by private and public donations that carry no qualifications.
  16. WCFO, INC carries liability insurance for its event where not provided
  17. WCFO, INC carries Directors Insurance for its Executive Directors
  18. WCFO, INC believes in the sport of canine freestyle and its rules are created by its members for titling competitions as based on a democratic philosophy of "government for the people, by the people."
  19. WCFO, INC governs the sport of canine freestyle in 6 countries for respected titling, to date.
  20. WCFO, INC has created standardized testing, Proficiency Tests, to set the standards for each level of the sport of canine freestyle that can be achieved.
  21. WCFO, INC is based solely on bonding and sharing of an owner with its dog and with other WCFO, INC members.

  About WCFO © 2009 The World Canine Freestyle Organization
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